Personal Leadership Program ‘FemaleTopAcademic’ in the context of Dutch Academia

This personal leadership program FemaleTopAcademic

supports the foreign female scientist in:

  • making clear choices and bringing focus to her career;
  • finding and expressing her goal and purpose in the context of Dutch Academia;
  • taking the next step in her academic career with renewed energy and strength.

This program has been hosted sixteen times for female scientists and professionals. This is the third English version. In this program we will introduce the specifics of Dutch culture at Academia.

The programs’ benefits for female scientists:

As a scientist you have some experience with the complexity of the academic organization. Very often it’s unclear how decisions are made. That’s why you
wish to develop these skills:

  • being in command of your work;
  • creating more freedom and space by an increased sense of independence;
  • being able to seize opportunities that serve your purpose/advance your career;
  • thinking strategically and acting tactically. This will be a benefit for the rest of your career.

The benefits of this program for the organization:

As a Professor or Head of Department you know from experience that advancing a successful academic career requires more than scientific competence. You need scientists who:  

  • are self-assured and dare to speak out;
  • are an asset to the department;
  • work more from personal strength and less from the need to control;
  • understand, and know how to play, the strategic game at Dutch Academia;
  • can be a scientific role model.



The program contains three components:

  • Theme days
  • Experimenting days
  • Coaching & intervision

Three theme days

  1. Theme day Know your Why. About personal values, drives and desired personal development.
  2. Theme day Negotiation & Good Politics. Insight in your political arena and effectively dealing with opposing interests.
  3. Theme day Next Step. Making an action plan for the next 5 years.

Three experimenting days

What makes the program unique are the experimenting days; days in which you explore and practice your personal communication skills. We use the method of Respectful Confrontation, which is a physical approach to the various aspects of communication. The topics of the experimenting days are:

  1. Me: finding your true power and relying on it even in uncomfortable situations, such as presenting yourself.
  2. Me & the Other: speaking your truth and confronting with respect, so that you are equipped to have these difficult conversations without harming yourself or others.
  3. Me in stressful situations: being resilient to challenging reactions of others. We explore your personal boundaries and practice with different levels of aggression and their strategies. 

Individual coaching

  • The program starts with an individual intake. You are asked to answer some questions.
  • In between the theme- and experimenting days you will have two coaching sessions.
  • After completion of the program there will be a final coaching session.

To enhance the learning process you will be regularly invited to write a reflection report.


  • The group consists of 3 to 8 female scientists and, depending on the number of participants, be accompanied by 1 of 2 Topvrouw trainers.
  • The suggested planning of the program is: 
    • Prior: Individual intake – In mutual agreement
    • 1st  month: Theme day Know your Why,  Monday 12 September 2022 (9.30-17.00)
    • 2nd month: Experimenting Day Me,  Thursday 24 November 2022 (9.30-17.00)
    • 3rd month: Coaching –  October/November 2022 in mutual agreement
    • 4th month: Theme day Negotiation & Good Politics,  Monday 12 December 2022 (9.30-17.00)
    • 5th month: Experimenting day Me & the Other,  Monday 23 January 2023 (9.30-17.00)
    • 6th month: Coaching –  January/February 2023 in mutual agreement
    • 7th month: Theme day Next Step,  Monday 27 February 2023 (9.30-17.00)
    • 8th month: Experimenting day Me in stressful situations, Monday 20 March 2023 (9.30-17.00)
    • 9th month: Final ceremony – Monday 15 May 2023 (10.00-14.00)
  • All meetings are in Utrecht, Boterstraat 24, close to Utrecht Central Station.
  • The all-in price is € 3.997,- VAT exempt.

Receive more information? For more information, e-mail to  We will inform you about this program in a non-committal telephone conversation. 

If you want to present the program to your supervisor, print the print version.


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